event: IASDR2013(International Association of Societies of Design Research)
date: 2013.8.27(tue)
place: 芝浦工業大学 豊洲キャンパス
style: 口頭発表
audience: 約25人
title: Effectiveness and Tendency of the Preparation Supported by Aromas
abstruct: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness and tendency of using the aromas in the preparation to be done before medical practice to children. In the experiment, two kinds of data acquired. One was the psychological evaluation by questionnaire. Another was the gaze tracking by the equipment. Two materials were used as the stimulus. They were visual stimulations and olfactory stimulations. Visual stimulations were used for the two materials. One was the video of preparation tool for vaccination. Another was image extracted five important scenes from the video of preparation for vaccination. Olfactory stimulations were used five types of aroma oils. As an experiment, the children chosen the aromas appropriate to the scene of the preparation tool. The results of the experiment, two conclusions were derived. First, the same aroma was not chosen in five scenes of preparation. Second, there was a tendency to aroma the selected children and suitable for each scene. It was found that from these results, it presents the aroma when making preparations for children is effective.
paper: OSHIMA Naoki, Effectiveness and Tendency of the Preparation Supported by Aromas, IASDR2013 CD-ROM, 2013.8
notes: 大会HP